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  • Pipe Sections
  • Pipe Support
  • Slab
  • Marine Flots
  • Rebar Clip

Pipe Section: (click hear for more detail)

Multi Products manufactures pipe Sections from 1/2" for 20” Nominal Board in various Thickness.


Pipe Support: (click hear for more detail)

Multi Products manufactures Pipe Supports and Structural Supports in various sizes from 1/2" to 20" in density of 80 KG/M3 to 500 KG/M3 & also manufacture as per customer requirements.



Multi Products manufactures Molded as well as cut-slabs in various thickness and sizes like 15mm thickness to 375mm thickness in 1.0 meter x 0.5 meter size. Various Density:-36 KG/M3 to 500 KG/M3.



Marine Floats: (click hear for more detail)

Multi products offer surface pipeline floats projected for a range from 160 mm to 960 mm external pipe diameter. Net buoyancy goes from 47 kg to 1052 kg for each single float.


Rebar Clip:

Multi products manufacture rebar clip in some different  mould size.

1. 12 to 20 mm (15 mm Dia)
2. 20 to 25 mm (22 mm Dia)
3. 25 to 32 mm (29 mm Dia)
4. 40 to 50 mm (46 mm Dia)